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Małgorzata Imbierowicz - translator / owner


The office is located in Gdynia. As a micro company it has been operating in the Tri - City region since 1991. Cooperating with a number of well established translation offices in the region and being a BST - Baltic Translators Society member, we have established a good reputation on the market collaborating with a great number of professional translators and offices from the region.

Having extensive experience in translations for administrative bodies, institutions and organizations we are proud of their positive assessment and full satisfaction.


I am a sworn translator since 1991. I graduated from the Faculty of English Philology at the University A. Mickiewicza in Poznan in 1984. I have experience in the industries of computer companies and the maritime economy . I worked in the Polish Chamber of Foreign Trade Publishing Editor Polish Maritime News. Now, being a translator, I work with language schools in Poland and the UK Bell International, Athenaeum. I am in constant contact with the living English , and constantly deepen their language skills through daily contact with native speakers.

Małgorzata Imbierowicz - translator / owner

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    We see expert translation as a life mission.
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    Years of experience.
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    Short realization time.
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    Working in a multinational environment.



Specializations and qualifications

  • Industries

    Industries in which We specialize:

    - Hospitality
    - Human Resources
    - Logistics
    - Accounting and Finance
    - Marketing
    - Right
    - Business

  • Qualifications

    - International teaching qualifications DELTA ESOL.
    - Cambridge examiner.
    - Active member of translators' society BST.
    - Years of cooperation with language schools, exam centres and higher education institutions.
    - Cooperating with translators and experts in various fields.
    - Cooperating with international organizations and firms.
    - Knowledge of the maritime and shipping industries.
    - Organizing internships for students of translation departments.

  • Benefits

    Why ABC?

    - High level of professionalism in translations based on an internal system of proofreading.
    - Constantly attaining new qualifications through seminars and workshops.
    - Years of experience in translation and teaching.
    - Everyday contact with real language.